Assistant to Azerbaijani President: "Ferguson and Baltimore events show that human rights situation is not good in the USA

Assistant to Azerbaijani President: "Ferguson and Baltimore events show that human rights situation is not good in the USA
# 26 June 2015 11:48 (UTC +04:00)

Baku - APA. Azerbaijani President’s Aide for Public and Political Affairs Ali Hasanov has commented on the U.S. 2014 report on human rights and freedoms in world countries, APA reports.

“We think that no country, acting as a judge, has the right to comment on and introduce the issues in various states in accordance with their own interests. In this regard, the report of the U.S. State Department could be taken not seriously. However, as such statements are disseminated by media and cause to a negative opinion in the world, Azerbaijan must also deliver its position to the international community”, Hasanov said.

Azerbaijan has gained important achievements in the sphere of legal, democratic state building, formation and development of civil society. Today, tens of political parties, hundreds of NGOs and media outlets freely operate in the country. Freedom of assembly, freedom of speech are not prevented. Dynamic development and strengthening of economic and financial potential of Azerbaijan created opportunities for providing state support to the civil society institutions.

Taking these into account, we say that the claims made by US Department of State on Azerbaijan are based on lie information, subjective and tendentious. In the report, introduction of separate cases tendentiously and concerning whole country by generalization prove that its preparation method is imperfect.

The report superficially touches upon Armenia-Azerbaijan, Naghorno Karabakh conflict, however does not speak about the fact of invasion and aggression, rejection of UN resolutions, separate organizations’ documents by Armenia, suspension of settlement of this conflict due to Yerevan’s destructive position over 20 years, deprivation of over 1 million refugees and IDPs of elementary human rights.

If the US really intends to explain democracy, human rights and freedom in the world countries, it should firstly approach the international law respectively and demand aggressive Armenia to fulfill the UN resolutions. Moreover, let a single standard be defined for all world countries on assessment of human rights, including processes in the US and be assessed. In any case, Ferguson and Baltimore events show that the human rights situation is not good in the US. At the same time, investigation of culprits and responsibility of the miserable situation created as a result of policy of the some Western circles, including US, is more actual than investigation of democracy in Azerbaijan by microscope.

US’s accusing any country for human rights and democracy without clarifying these issues is nothing except self-exposure and serves losing confidence in the US.

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