Some European countries, particularly France try to disrupt the Azerbaijani-Armenian negotiations - Turkish MP

Mevlud Çavuşoğlu, Head of Türkiye

© APA | Mevlud Çavuşoğlu, Head of Türkiye's delegation to NATO

# 02 March 2024 14:28 (UTC +04:00)

"Some European countries, particularly France try to disrupt the negotiation process between Azerbaijan and Armenia," Head of Türkiye's delegation to NATO, former foreign minister Mevlud Çavuşoğlu told APA's Turkish correspondent.

Mr Çavuşoğlu also underlined that Azerbaijan has shown that it is sincere in obtaining peace. Armenia will be close to signing a peace treaty with Azerbaijan if it is not exposed to foreign influence: "Türkiye continues the normalization process in coordination with Azerbaijan. Every positive step between Azerbaijan and Armenia will contribute positively to the process between Türkiye and Armenia. In the region, of course, Georgia is also important. But these processes are not only important for our region. Issues such as revitalization of the Middle Corridor, and increasing the transmission capacity of power lines are also of vital importance for Europe and Asia."

M. Çavuşoğlu emphasized that the Antalya Diplomacy Forum is important for the meetings and discussions of Azerbaijan and Armenia.