French minister made allegations against Azerbaijan due to what happened in New Caledonia

French minister made allegations against Azerbaijan due to what happened in New Caledonia
# 16 May 2024 12:25 (UTC +04:00)

The Minister of the Interior of France, Gérald Darmanin made absurd claims against Azerbaijan due to what happened in New Caledonia, APA reports.

In an interview with "France 2" TV channel, the minister accused Azerbaijan of "interfering" in the riots in New Caledonia.

He also claimed that supporters of independence allegedly made some kind of "deal" with Azerbaijan.

Noted that in New Caledonia, three people died, hundreds were injured, and at the same time, there were arrests.

Recall that on Monday, the French parliament voted to grant the right to vote in local elections to French citizens who have lived on the island for more than 10 years. Some local leaders expressed concern that the change to the law would reduce the right of Kanaks to have a say in the island's affairs.

After that, protests started.

Demonstrators have repeatedly stated that it is unacceptable for the French government to change the legislation without taking into account the opinions of the local population.

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has announced that the army will be deployed in New Caledonia due to ongoing unrest. After his statement, there are reports that the army was deployed to New Caledonia.

The Élysée Palace announced that France will declare a state of emergency from New Caledonia.

Against the background of what happened, the French minister, by making absurd claims about the national liberation and independence movement of the Kanak people, actually revealed the colonial nature of his country.

People in New Caledonia are demanding their rights and fighting for their success. And France, instead of fulfilling their rightful demand and abandoning its colonial policy, tries to blame Azerbaijan.

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