France still plunders our country - Representatives from Guinea and Congo -PHOTO

France still plunders our country - Representatives from Guinea and Congo -PHOTO
# 15 February 2024 16:56 (UTC +04:00)

An International Forum “For the freedom of nations!” kicked off in Moscow, Russia, APA’s Moscow correspondent reports.

More than 200 delegations representing 60 political parties, and public organizations from about 50 countries attended the forum held by organization of United Russia Party.

The matters of the fight against modern practices of neocolonialism were discussed at the forum.

At the forum, which Azerbaijan was represented as well, it was noted that the establishment of this forum was not directed against 3rd states, as well as, countries which do not have friendly relations with Russia. It was stated that this forum aims to develop mutually beneficial multilateral cooperation with responsible political forces in all continents suffering from colonialism.

Ali Huseynli, First Vice-Speaker of the Milli Majlis (Azerbaijani Parliament), chairman of the Committee for Law Policy and State-Building of Parliament, and Nizami Safarov, Leader of the Group for the Azerbaijani-Russian Interparliamentary Relations, Azerbaijani MP are representing Azerbaijan in the forum which will be held for two days.

The MPs who are participating in the international forum on the topic “Fight against modern practices of neo-colonialism”, expressed the position of the Azerbaijani side in the discussions on the subject.

Turkish historian Mehmet Perinchek said in his speech that the colonial policy of countries such as France, and the U.S. did not remain in the last century, but today as well their policy continues in the same shape in different ways.

Suro Milimuno, the representative of the Republic of Guinea, stated that his country suffered from French colonialism for many years.

The representative of the Republic of the Congo Nyanga Gakosso stressed that Paris had robbed all the natural resources during the period when his country was under the rule of France: “Once upon a time, we were considered as a center of our region, the capital of the Central African region. But although we got rid of colonial policy, France still plunders our country and steals everything and for this reason, we have economic difficulties, as well as wages are low. We are still fighting this and trying to protect what is ours.”