Arming Armenia with lethal weapons by France poses serious threat - Azerbaijani MP

Tural Ganjaliyev, Azerbaijani MP

© APA | Tural Ganjaliyev, Azerbaijani MP

# 25 June 2024 11:55 (UTC +04:00)

France continues its aggressive policy to the South Caucasus, Tural Ganjaliyev, Azerbaijani MP said at today's meeting of the Milli Majlis (Azerbaijani Parliament), APA reports.

He underlined that France's arming of Armenia with deadly weapons poses a serious threat: "We have established peace in the South Caucasus. It is vital for us that the South Caucasus does not become a battlefield. Unfortunately, today Macron, who considers himself Napoleon, wants to conduct new "Macron wars" and wants to do it in the South Caucasus as well. This action of Macron and France is not only against Azerbaijan, but against international peace. France must prevent human rights violations in the countries it keeps under occupation."

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