Slovak government blocks 40.3 mln euro package of military aid to Ukraine

Slovak government blocks 40.3 mln euro package of military aid to Ukraine
# 08 November 2023 18:30 (UTC +04:00)

The newly formed Slovak government has blocked its predecessors’ initiative to allocate 40.3 million euros in military assistance to Ukraine, the news portal reported. APA reports citing TASS.

The initiative to transfer weapons and ammunition to Ukraine was submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers by the former leadership of the Slovak Defense Ministry.

On September 30, parliamentary elections were held in the republic, following which a cabinet was formed headed by Robert Fico, leader of the Direction - Social Democracy party. The previous leadership of the Defense Ministry was dismissed.

Fico said that the country would no longer send military aid to Kiev from the warehouses of the nation’s armed forces. However, the authorities will not block commercial supplies of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.

In particular, Slovakia sent Zuzana-2 self-propelled gun howitzers to Ukraine made by private arms dealers. Bratislava calls this equipment the flagship product of the national arms industry.

The aid package which was blocked included 4 million rounds of 7.62 mm caliber, 5,172 125 mm caliber artillery shells, 140 missiles for the Kub anti-aircraft missile system, 8 mortars and 1,200 shells for them.

Since February 24, 2022, Slovakia has sent 13 packages of military assistance to Ukraine totaling 671 million euros.

Meanwhile, Slovakia, according to the portal, plans to transfer military equipment to Ukraine for demining the territory. The republican authorities consider this assistance as humanitarian. Bratislava will also provide military-medical support to Kiev.

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