Scholz reiterates no Taurus delivery to avoid Ukraine war involvement

Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany

© APA | Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany

# 26 February 2024 19:17 (UTC +04:00)

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has again ruled out the delivery of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine at this time, citing the risk of Germany becoming involved in the war, APA reports citing dpa international.

"I'm surprised that some people aren't even moved by it, that they don't even think about whether what we're doing could lead to participation in war," Scholz said on Monday at the dpa editorial conference in Berlin.

The chancellor continued: "It is a very far-reaching weapon. And what the British and French are doing in terms of target control and accompanying target control cannot be done in Germany. Anyone who has dealt with this system knows that."

He said he is surprised that this question was being asked again and again, adding he is "very irritated" by the "lack of balance" between what is really needed now and the debate about this one system.

"What Ukraine lacks is ammunition in all possible lengths and distances, but not this crucial thing from Germany," he said in response to questions about the missile system.

Taurus cruise missiles are fired from aircraft and can hit targets up to 500 kilometres away with great precision. Ukraine wants to use them to cut off supplies to Russian troops at the front.

Kyiv has repeatedly requested the German-made Taurus missiles, arguing they are the most suitable weapon to strike Russian military targets well behind the front lines within occupied Ukraine.