Azerbaijan’s political parties adopted national solidarity declaration in connection with recent provocations of Armenia

Azerbaijan’s political parties adopted national solidarity declaration in connection with recent provocations of Armenia
# 15 July 2020 12:04 (UTC +04:00)

The declaration about national solidarity of the political parties has been adopted in connection with the continuing aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan and the recent provocations committed by Armenia in Tovuz direction of the state border, APA reports.

The declaration reads as follows: “On July 12, the Armenian military forces suddenly and treacherously attacked positions of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces in the direction of Tovuz region of the state border and committed another military provocation. As a result of the urgent and adequate measures of the Azerbaijani Army the attack of the Armenian side has been resolutely prevented, and the fitting response has been given to the enemy. The Armenian side has been forced to retreat while sustaining serious losses. The Armenian military servicemen continued battles during July 13 and 14, as well as attempted to commit provocations in other directions of Armenia-Azerbaijan borders. As a result of the decisive blows of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces, the enemy’s battle capabilities have been crushed, a large number of the enemy’s military equipment and military personnel have been destroyed. Regrettably, our Armed Forces that gave the fitting response to the enemy, have sustained losses. But the death of our soldiers hasn’t been left unrequited. The persons who caused the death of our glorious military servicemen have been punished in the most severe way as it has always been done previously. May our martyrs rest in peace!

It is worth mentioning that for the sake of prevention of the bloody clashes, despite of applying of the ceasefire regime, the committing by the Armenian side of regular bloody provocations on the contact line and in the near-border zones has assumed a character of bad tradition. It is not the first time that the Armenian leaders try to get rid of the grave problems faced by them inside their country which they have been powerless to solve by committing the disgusting military provocations on the border or contact line. The resorting by Pashinyan’s dictatorship regime to military provocations in order to escape from anger of the people oppressed by the severe epidemiological situation and social and economic problems shows that the policy conducted by it doesn’t differ even to the least extent from the policy conducted by Armenia’s previous junta regimes.

Azerbaijan’s constantly increasing power, its international prestige, military power, successes of our diplomacy and as a logical result of all of these, recognition by the world community of the true nature of the the hideous policy of the Armenians, as well as the ruin of Armenia's dreams for the independence of Nagorno Garabagh are the other causes that force traitorous and vindictive Armenian political regime to use dangerous and bloody methods such as conducting military provocations.

The occurrence of the next Armenian provocation on the border zone outside Nagorno Garabagh region, which is the conflict zone, is not a coincidence and it indicates the malicious and ugly intentions of its perpetrators. It is time for the world community, international organizations, especially OSCE Minsk group which takes the mediation mission to raise their voice, to take the most effective steps for putting the aggressor in place, in order to curb the Armenian provocations accompanied by the casualties, directly targeting the escalation of tension, conflict and the threat of war in the region. The world should finally realize that the Armenian provocations and the Armenian political government which is behind these provocations have become the biggest danger for peace and stability in the region for many years.

We, the political parties of Azerbaijan, strongly support the policy pursued by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President Ilham Aliyev to ensure the territorial integrity and security of our country, prevent any Armenian intrigue and provocation, and declare our close unity around it. We call on our people to show solidarity and be ready at any moment to resolutely cut off the bloody Armenian hands reaching out to our Motherland. We are proud of our Army, which has a glorious history, and we express our solidarity with it. We assure our esteemed President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief that each of us is an armed soldier who is ready to fulfill any task of our Motherland at any time in the name of honor and dignity.

1. New Azerbaijan Party - Ali Ahmadov

2. AG Party - Tural Abbasli

3. “Ana Vatan” Party - Fazail Agamali

4. Aydinlar Party - Gulamhuseyn Alibeyli

5. Freedom Party - Ahmad Orujov

6. Azerbaijan Free Republican Party - Kamil Seyidov

7. Democratic Party of Azerbaijan - Sardar Jalaloglu

8. Azerbaijan Democratic Enlightenment Party - Elshan Musayev

9. Azerbaijan People's Democratic Party - Rafig Turabkhan

10. Communist Party of Azerbaijan - Haji Hajiyev

11. Azerbaijan Liberal Democratic Party - Fuad Aliyev

12. Azerbaijan National Democratic Party - Tufan Karimov

13. Azerbaijan National Independence Party - Arzukhan Alizade

14. Azerbaijan Bellicose Party - Agadur Muslimov

15. Alliance Party for Azerbaijan - Abutalib Samadov

16. Republican Party of Azerbaijan - Subut Asadov

17. Azerbaijan Social Democratic Party - Araz Alizade

18. Azerbaijan Social Welfare Party - Asli Kazimova

19. Azerbaijan Evolution Party - Teyyub Aliyev

20. Azerbaijan Umid Party - Igbal Agazade

21. Azerbaijan Civic Party - Mais Safarli

22. Unity Party - Khudadat Khudiyev

23. Great Azerbaijan Party - Elshad Musayev

24. Great Establishment Party - Fazil Mustafa

25. Whole Azerbaijan Popular Front Party - Gudrat Hasanguliyev

26. Republican People's Party - Badraddin Guliyev

27. Democratic Azerbaijan World Party - Alisahib Huseynov

28. Democratic Reforms Party - Asim Mollazade

29. Justice Party - Ilyas Ismayilov

30. Future Azerbaijan Party - Agasif Shakiroglu

31. Classical Popular Front Party - Mirmahmud Fattayev

32. Gorgud Party - Firudin Karimov

33. National Democratic Cognitive Party - Osman Efendiyev

34. National Revival Movement Party - Faraj Guliyev

35. National Congress Party - Ikhtiyar Shirinov

36. National Unity Party - Yunus Oguz

37. Modern Musavat Party - Hafiz Hajiyev

38. Independent People's Party - Aflan Ibrahimov

39. United Azerbaijan National Unity Party - Hajibaba Azimov

40. Unity Party - Tahir Karimli

41. Civil Union Party - Sabir Hajiyev

42. Civil Solidarity Party - Sabir Rustamkhanli

43. New Time Party - Musa Agayev

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