NGOs from 14 countries issued statement supporting Azerbaijan's COP29 activities

NGOs from 14 countries issued statement supporting Azerbaijan
# 30 May 2024 16:50 (UTC +04:00)

NGOs and social activists from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Australia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Algeria, Cameroon, Mexico, India addressed a letter to the Azerbaijan National NGO Forum and expressed strong support for Azerbaijan as the host of COP 29. In the Statement, it is stated that the civil society organizations and activists who signed the statement emphasize the importance of COP29, which will be held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, in November 2024, APA reports.

“We, the undersigned civil society organizations and individuals, acknowledge the significance of COP29 on climate change, scheduled to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, in November 2024. This conference carries substantial expectations.

COP29 Presidency, Azerbaijan, is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where all voices are heard, perspectives are considered, and shared solutions are devised to ensure inclusive outcomes.

As advocates for inclusive and collaborative climate action, we firmly believe in the fundamental importance of participating of NGO’s in the COP29 on Climate Change. NGOs serve as stakeholders with deep-rooted connections to their respective communities, offering unique insights, expertise, and perspectives that enrich the discourse and decision-making processes at the COP29. Their participation fosters a sense of ownership, responsibility, and solidarity, reinforcing the collective commitment to addressing the climate crisis.

In solidarity with the Azerbaijan National NGOs Forum and the COP29 Presidency, Azerbaijan, we unite in endeavors aimed at fostering a hopeful future for our planet”.

  1. Peter (Pece) Gorgievski, Australia, Head of the Global Dialogue Foundation.
  2. Gyorgy Tatar, Hungary, Head of the Budapest Centre for Dialogue and Mass Atrocities Prevention.
  3. Emma MacLennan, President, Director General at Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport EEAST, United Kingdom
  4. Nikhil Aziz, USA, representative of the American Jewish World Service.
  5. Dr. David Apollus (CEO) United Kingdom, CEO, Across Atlantic Development. (CSO with ECOSOC Consultative Status)
  6. Edda Giuberti, Italy, President, Tripla Difesa O.N.L.U.S. (CSO with ECOSOC Consultative Status)
  7. Evelyn Bisona Fonkem, Association for the Welfare of the Underprivileged, Cameroon. (CSO with ECOSOC Consultative Status)
  8. Adetola Ojeniyi, United Kingdom and African Centre for Development and Research U.K. (CSO with ECOSOC Consultative Status)
  9. Ianna Mallayka Foundation, Netherlands, (CSO with ECOSOC Consultative Status)
  10. Benjamín Yu, representative of the El Pozo de Vida, Mexico
  11. Alexia Claydon, Civil society advocate, UK.
  12. Francis Niba, representative of the Citizen Outreach Coalition, United Kingdom.
  13. Patrizia Heideeger, representative of the European Environmental Bureau, Belgium.
  14. Hartwig, Catalin, CSO expert, Germany.
  15. Felix Masi, Founder of the Voiceless Children, USA.
  16. Michel Njang, expert, U.S.A.
  17. Sana Ullah, Head of the Pakistan Youth Organization.
  18. Nick Nwolisa, Youth work expert, Nigeria.
  19. Mike Handcock, Audtralia, Head of the Circle of Excellence Group.
  20. Peter Mousaferiadis, Australia, Head of the Cultural Infusion.
  21. Prof.Dr. Abdelmadjid AMRANI, Batna university, Algeria.
  22. Professor Hassina Hemamid, Batna university, Algeria.
  24. Benjamin Bickford, expert, Australia.
  25. Priyanga Premarathne, Project Development Expert at International Development- University of the Sunshine Coas, Australia.
  26. UZMA NAHEED, Founder at Solutions for You, Pakistan.
  27. Anumnu Ikenna Micheal, Nigeria, representative of the Goodwash Foundation for health and Environmental Protection.
  28. Alphonse Raj, representative of the Village reconstruction and development project, India.
  29. Vera Daniel, Nigeria, representative of the African Youth for Transparency.
  30. Elong Emilienne-Alice, Cameroon, representative of the GDF, unity in diversity.
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