Mikhail Krotov: “Azerbaijan can even teach democracy to other countries”

Mikhail Krotov: “Azerbaijan can even teach democracy to other countries”
# 15 October 2008 11:52 (UTC +04:00)
Krotov told APA that the assembly’s commission included 33 observers from the parliaments of 7 countries. Deputy Chairperson of Russian Federal Council Svetlana Orlova heads the delegation.
Mikhail Krotov highly appreciated the presidential elections in Azerbaijan.
“The elections in Azerbaijan are very transparent, the process is calm. This calmness is only a positive factor for a country, it shows the stability. Elections are free and fair,” he said.
Secretary General said Baku branch of International Institute for Monitoring Protection of Democracy, Parliamentarism, Human Rights under CIS Interparliamentary Assembly was opened on August 1. This is not simply a long-term monitoring, it is a group investigating the development of democracy in the republic. Observers have started monitoring in Baku, Ganja cities and Guba Region of Azerbaijan since August 1 and presented several reports.
“The observers analyzed compliance of today’s elections with the international standards, remarks of the international observers, who followed the previous elections, were taken into consideration. Constitutional Code covered 9 principle issues, right to appeal to the Constitutional Court, transparency of voters’ lists, simplification of complaint procedure were taken into consideration.
All measures have been taken for the electoral administration to meet the democracy’s highest rules. We note that all demands of the law were met in establishing of the electoral commissions, in registration of the candidates and election campaign as well. Competitive elections are held and ideal conditions were created”, - said Krotov.
The Secretary General emphasized that real-time web-cameras had been installed in 10 % of the polling stations and this novelty created opportunity for the democratic elections. A high activeness of the voters is observed in the polling stations.
Krotov shared his impressions on the observations in the stations. “The polling stations were opened in time. The ballot boxes were sealed in accordance with the rules, in the presence of the observers. Of course, there were some remarks, related not with the territorial electoral commissions, but with our colleagues from OSCE international mission. One female observer from OSCE drew the curtain and looked at what is voter doing in the polling booth. It is unacceptable. It is contradictory to the rules of secret ballot. The observer should not interfere in the voting process. In some places exit-polls are conducted very close to the stations. All of our remarks were taken into consideration”.
However the Secretary General estimated such defects as the technical points.
Certainly it is not a fault of the election organizers. Today Azerbaijan can even teach democracy to other countries”.
Krotov emphasized that the missions would announce result of its observation at the press conference planning for Thursday. A general document will be prepared on behalf of CIS.

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