Experts assess presidential candidates’ posters – POLL

Experts assess presidential candidates’ posters – <font color=red> POLL </font>
# 25 September 2008 13:25 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Ramil Mammadli – APA. Election campaign of the presidential candidates started on September 17. Photos of five candidates have already been pasted. There exist various views on how attractive the photos, posters should be in order to draw the attention of the voters.

Head of Independent Consulting Center for Civil Society Eldar Ismayilov told APA that posters were not so important for winning in Azerbaijan, but the posters of Ilham Aliyev were the most attractive. Eldar Ismayilov said there was nothing extraordinary in other posters.

President of Constitutional Research Fund Alimammad Nuriyev regarded the candidates’ posters as “good photos for acquaintance”.
“Ilham Aliyev’s photos have good photo effect. But it would be better if the posters contained slogans reflecting the candidate’s platform. In this respect I think Gudrat Hasanguliyev’s poster is good,” he said.
Nuriyev said photos could reflect both the candidates’ activity and promises.
“Unfortunately, these photos can attract only 5-7 percent of the voters,” he said.

Head of election department of the association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan Maharram Zulfugarli said every candidate should take into account three criteria before joining the elections. These are time, human resources and money.
“Despite the start of the election campaign, the photos of only four or five candidates have been introduced. It shows that some candidates have not made preparations for the process seriously. The photos are not attractive enough. Special technologies have not been used. Posters of Ilham Aliyev and Gudrat Hasanguliyev are good,” he said.
Zulfugarli also said that they monitored the candidates’ promotion activities.
Chairman of Azerbaijan Advertisers Union Hacami Atakishiyev featured the photo-posters of the candidates professionally. “Ilham Aliyev’s photo-poster was chosen successfully in terms of introduction. No extra components were used in the poster and he is saying this is Me. Ilham Aliyev’s poster is effective in this term. Other posters have artificial elements and it appears mostly in Igbal Agazadeh’s, Gudrat Hasanguliyev’s and Fazil Gazanfaroglu’s photo-posters. Fazil Gzanfaroglu’s poster was not chosen correctly. There are mostly tourist elements. A jacket is hanging on hand and left old city behind”. Atakishiyev said political advertisement had to introduce the person. “It should be concrete introduction of the person in the political advertisements, because components around are distracting attention”.
Advertising manager Nadir Badalov said that the posters were not meeting the international standards. “First of all photo of the presidential candidates shouldn’t be introduced to the society in A2 format. The photos are not bad. I think only Ilham Aliyev doesn’t need in introduction to the society. Fazil Gazanfaroglu’s and Gudrat Hasanguliyev’s photos are simple in terns of political advertising. There are positive findings in Igbal Agazadeh’s picture and slogan”. Badalov said ordinary voters couldn’t see differences in these posters. “It is a chance for those who want to introduce themselves to the society”. Badalov said candidates run for elections in Europe preferred larger and politically-featured posters.
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