Azerbaijani Defense Ministry: Armenian army casualties several times higher than number announced by Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor

Azerbaijani Defense Ministry: Armenian army casualties several times higher than number announced by Helsinki Citizens
# 16 January 2015 13:02 (UTC +04:00)

Baku. Rashad Suleymanov – APA. “The Armenian Armed Forces’ casualties in 2014 are several times higher than the number announced by the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor”.

Head of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry’s press service, colonel Vaqif Dargahli said the aforesaid to APA while commenting on the report of the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor on Armenia’s casualties in 2014.

According to him, Armenia makes constant attempts to escalate tension on the front line: “But each time the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan adequately retaliate against them, destroying their manpower, forcing them to retreat to their primary positions. If the officially confirm number of casualties caused by desperate situation within Armenian military units, diseases, mistreatment and other factors is 45, it means the number of concealed casualties which occur at direct combat positions is much higher. A variety of sources show that the number suggested is only about Armenian servicemen who die at the back front under non-combat conditions. As a matter of fact, their casualties are at least 3-4 times higher. Having well absorbed the practice of covering up their front line casualties, the enemy prefers to hide the death tolls of mercenary fighters that it brings from different countries to our occupied territories, contract soldiers and Karabakh Armenians living in Nagorno-Karabakh, intentionally cutting down on their losses”.

Note that, the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan killed at least 50 servicemen of the Armenian Army during the front lien tension that occurred in the summer of 2014 alone. The Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor said its latest report that 45 members of the Armenian Armed Forces have died. Another fact is that, information about several Armenian servicemen killed by the Azerbaijani Army during a failed sabotage attempt on the front line in early August had initially been concealed by the Armenian Defense Ministry, but later on Armenians spread information about their identity, their photographs, etc. on social networks.