Azerbaijani border guards hold large-scale tactical exercises

Azerbaijani border guards hold large-scale tactical exercises
# 20 May 2016 11:12 (UTC +04:00)

The exercises on the theme “Prevention of enemy attacks in violation of the state border of Azerbaijan” were held at Aghgol field training center in accordance with the program of combat readiness for 2016, SBS told APA on May 20.

The purpose of the exercises was fulfilling the tasks assigned by Azerbaijani President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, training the personnel in the spirit of love for motherland, faith in victory, endurance steadfastness, courage and fearlessness, as well as checking and improving the interaction between aviation units and rapid reaction forces in real combat conditions.

The third stage of the live firing exercises was carried out under the supervision of Colonel-General Elchin Guliyev, Chief of the State Border Service and Commander of Border Troops.

During the three-stage exercises, the imaginary enemy’s forces that violated the state border have been eliminated.

Also, the personnel successfully carried out the transport of additional forces by helicopters to the battle zone during combat operations, evacuation of the injured and removal of damaged armored vehicles from the battlefield.

The exercises covered management of units in real combat situation and high coordination between aviation units and rapid reaction forces.

The tasks of live firing were successfully executed with anti-aircraft missiles, helicopters, armored vehicles, mortar launchers, large-caliber machine guns, grenade launchers

The personnel demonstrated strong discipline, high proficiency and combat readiness, with improved live firing skills. The rapid reaction forces and aviation units successfully carried out their combat tasks.

General-Lieutenant Elchin Guliyev, Commander of Border Troops congratulated the personnel for the successful fulfillment of the tasks assigned and set forth further tasks for improvement of combat readiness.

He stressed that the personnel of Azerbaijani SBS are always ready to honorably fulfill the tasks set forth by Supreme Commander-in-chief Ilham Aliyev.