Azerbaijan ready to liberate occupied territories by military means: retired general

Azerbaijan ready to liberate occupied territories by military means: retired general
# 23 December 2016 16:00 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan is ready to liberate its occupied territories by military means, Alexander Vasyak, a retired major general of the Azerbaijani Army, told APA on Friday.

“Today we’re demonstrating our capability of intercepting any possible threat from Armenia, which has held our lands under occupation,” he said, noting that through the media Armenia is calling out to the world that it has to defend itself against Azerbaijan, which it calls “aggressive neighbor.”

“At the same time, Armenians try to obtain destructive assault weapons, such as the Russian-made Iskander ballistic missile systems. So we too look for and find defense weapons against such threats,” the retired general said.

He stressed that Azerbaijan’s Army has lately obtained Ildirim air defense system which is analogues to Israel’s Barak system.

“Two days ago we demonstrated a successful use of our system by destroying an airborne target with a single missile strike,” he said.

A. Vasyan added that Ildirim air defense system systems, designed to detect enemy planes and destroy missiles and other air targets, are capable of intercepting tactical ballistic missiles, as well as striking each of six different targets with two missiles.

“The April clashes were not in favor of the aggressors,” he said, adding. “Azerbaijan’s president once again let them know that we are no longer going to wait. If Armenia doesn’t return the occupied Azerbaijani territories, then we are capable of liberating our lands by military means. To this end, Azerbaijan has all defense and fighting capabilities.”

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