Republic Deputy Military Prosecutor: It is early to say whether the soldier committed a suicide or was murdered

Republic Deputy Military Prosecutor: It is early to say whether the soldier committed a suicide or was murdered
# 02 March 2013 16:38 (UTC +04:00)

Internal and external examinations were conducted on his body. Currently, the investigation group is continuing implementation of all necessary investigative procedures. The reason, condition of the incident is under investigation’, Deputy Military Prosecutor Shafaet Imranov told APA.

He said that as complete results of the examination are not known, it is early to say whether it was a suicide or a murder: ‘We must be patient and wait for the results of the examination. In any case, all measures considered in the law are carried out, criminal case is under special control. All legal steps will be taken, conditions and reasons of the incident will be identified. Information on the detained and prosecuted will be made public in the coming days. It is early to make a statement on this matter’.

Imranov noted that the reports on death of the soldier spread up to now are based on the initial investigation and speculations: ‘We investigate all variants, including suicide and killing by another person. The final word can be said after the results of the examination will be announced’.

Note that, yesterday, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry and Military Prosecutor’s Office have issued a joint statement on the soldier’s death.

Press service of the Military Prosecutor’s Office told APA that an investigation group of employees of the Military Prosecutor’s Office has conducted inspection on the death of soldier of the Defense Ministry’s military unit Allahverdiyev Seymur Murvat and taken photos and carried out video-taping at the site. Important items related to the criminal case were taken during the investigation, the external and internal examination of the body was conducted in the presence of forensic medical expert, prosecutor and inspector and other urgent investigation measures were taken.

No traces of injury or beating were found except for gunshot wound during the examination of Seymur Allahverdiyev’s body.

The initial investigation found out that soldier Allahverdiyev Seymur Murvat serving in the Defense Ministry's military unit shot himself to death with the service gun at 15.10 on February 28, 2013.

Republic Military Prosecutor's Office has launched criminal case on the fact on article 125 (inciting to suicide) of the Criminal Code.
Press services of the Defense Ministry and Military Prosecutor's Office regret that some persons release biased unreal messages on social networks saying that soldier Seymur Allahverdiyev was beaten to death, confuse the people expressing groundless views before the results of examination and other investigations are known.
Investigation is underway, results of the investigation will be publicized.

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