IDEX-2013 finishes

IDEX-2013 finishes
# 22 February 2013 13:20 (UTC +04:00)

Abu Dhabi. Rashad Suleymanov, Shamil Alibeyli – APA. IDEX-2013 and NAVDEX-2013 international exhibitions in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates has finished.

APA’s correspondents report from Abu Dhabi that the manufacturing companies from 60 countries presented their products and services at the exhibition.

The US was represented by 169 companies, the United Arab Emirates – 144, the UK -84, France – 70, Germany – 69, Turkey – 45. From the post-Soviet countries, Russia was represented by 39 companies, Ukraine – 20, Belarus -11, Estonia -1. The delegations of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense Industry, State Border Service and Naval Forces were guests of the exhibition.

The Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates 19 agreements were signed with various companies during the exhibition. This year the exhibition included creation of drones and helicopter pavilions. Shows were demonstrated with the participation of various military vehicles in the area of the complex during the exhibition. T-90MS tank exhibited by Russia for the first time has implemented various elements in these shows.

Compared to IDEX-2011, remote-controlled devices were most presented at IDEX-2013. At the same time, different types of new military vehicles were also exhibited.

APA’s correspondents have been sponsored by Paramount Group of the Republic of South Africa, one of the partners of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense on production of military vehicles, to attend the exhibition.

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