Azerbaijan's MoD: Armenian military creates fakes as badly as fights

# 17 July 2020 12:03 (UTC +04:00)

"On the second day of the fighting on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border, the reincarnation of the former spokesman of the Armenian Defense Ministry, which practically put the current spokesman in the background, was aimed at creating a lot of false information and misinformation, so there is no second person in Yerevan. Armenian servicemen create bad falsifications as badly as they fought," head of press service of the Ministry of Defense Vagif Dargahli told journalists, APA reports.

"Recently, the Armenian Defense Ministry has prepared dozens of false and misleading information. We promptly refute this misinformation. In particular, as you know, the Armenian Defense Ministry, in order to inspire the Armenian public, allegedly spread false information that the Azerbaijani Army lost 13 UAVs during the war. But how can you prove something that doesn't exist? After all, the Armenian society also demands proof. That is why the Armenian Defense Ministry posted on social media a photo allegedly belonging to one of Azerbaijan's shot down UAVs. However, it was not difficult to bring the creators of the Armenian myth to the surface - it was quickly proved that the UAV in the photo was not an Azerbaijani UAV, but an American UAV fired in Afghanistan in 2014. One of the noteworthy points was that even foreign journalists began to expose such Armenian fabrications. Thus, Julian Repke, a military analyst for the German publication Bild, said that the video released by the Armenian Defense Ministry, which allegedly shot down an Azerbaijani anti-aircraft gun, was not true. Because it is a small two-engine civil passenger plane shown in the video. I want to say again that all the air defense systems of the Azerbaijani Army are in place and working. The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry promptly provides all necessary information on the situation on the border without concealing losses," said V. Dargahli.

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