Armenian press spread information about Rafig Hasanov’s refusal to return to Azerbaijan

Armenian press spread information about Rafig Hasanov’s refusal to return to Azerbaijan
# 19 December 2008 09:54 (UTC +04:00)
It is a result of tortures and violence committed against him in Armenia. There is no doubt. I do not consider his last statement accidentally from this view”, Press Officer of the Defense Ministry Colonel-Lieutenant Eldar Sabiroglu told APA, expressing his reaction to the reports spread about Hasanov’s refusal to return to Azerbaijan. Sabiroglu said using such crafty and humiliating methods Armenia tried to create negative opinion about the Azerbaijani Army in the international arena and used the captured soldier for this goal. “Such attitude is contradictory to the human rights and freedoms and to the conventions on war prisoners. However the Armenians continue inhumanity against the captured soldier”.

The State Committee of Azerbaijan on War Prisoners, Hostages and Missing People told APA the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reported last week that Rafig Hasanov wanted to return home. The State Committee expressed its readiness to get back the captive in a short time.

Press Service of the ICRC representation in Azerbaijan told APA the ICRC officials met with Hasanov on December 12 for the last time. All details related to the meeting are kept in confidentiality.

The captive’s brother Afig Hasanov told APA Karabakh bureau that they heard Rafig Hasanov made appearance on Armenian TV. “However we do not believe that he does not want to return to Azerbaijan, because Rafig wrote in his last letter that he wants to return home”.

Hasanov expressed his wish to return back to Azerbaijan in his last letter written to his parents.
“I thought much and decided to return back to my motherland and my mother. Wait a little. We will meet soon”, the letter says. Representative of International Committee of the Red Cross wrote on behalf of the captive, because Hasanov cannot write or read.
Novsti-Armenia spread information on the fact that captive Rafig Hasanov, 19, addressing one of the TV Channels stated that he refused to return back to Azerbaijan. Hasanov said that he was insulted and humiliated in Azerbaijani Army during military service.
“I shot at my foot not bearing all of these actions and I was treated in hospital. After it I was again insulted,” he said. Hasanov added that he was treated well in Armenia and sent his best regards to his parents and relatives.
“Do not worry about my fortune and I was treated well. I declare that I will not return back to Azerbaijan,” he said.
Soldier of Azerbaijani Defence Ministry’s military unit, Rafig Rahman Hasanov, 19, was captured by Armenian soldiers in contact line near Gazakh Region on October 8, 2008.