No item in Azerbaijan’s military legislation prohibits soldiers and officers to use mobile phones

No item in Azerbaijan’s military legislation prohibits soldiers and officers to use mobile phones
# 22 October 2008 12:54 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Rashad Suleymanov – APA. Soldiers, sergeants, seamen and warrant officers doing active service in Azerbaijani Armed Forces and other military units are banned to use mobile phones. APA reports that in some military units even officers are forbidden to use mobile phone. This is connected with a number of reasons, as well as fighting position, appointment of the military unit.
Chairman of Public Union “Reserve and Retired Officers” Yashar Jafarli told APA that there were no items in Azerbaijan’s military legislation prohibiting men doing active military service and officers to use mobile phones. He said mobile phones were not widely spread in Azerbaijan when the present military laws were adopted.
“But, under the order of the leadership the soldiers are prohibited to use mobile phones in the military units. In special military units this order can also be applied to officers and ensigns,” he said.

Taking a stance on two recent facts of bullying in the armed forces Jafarli said though Defense Ministry refutes the existence of bullying in the armed forces, the bullying in Azerbaijani army differs from the traditional one.
“There are “molodoy”, “dembel”, “goja” in Azerbaijani army. Besides, there are notions such as “yerli”, “elli” (countryman) in the army. Alongside with legal subordinate relations there is also illegal subordination in Azerbaijani army,” he said.
Former defense minister general-major Dadash Rzayev told APA that hazing in the military was more frequent in the Soviet Army and was different from now. Calling the incident in Alat Hospital as “hooliganism”, the general didn’t rule out that such cases followed certain purposes. “Those who committed and taped these actions purpose to show their “army bullying” in Civvy Street”, said the minister and made the reasons of hazing in the military clear. “It relates first of all with the accomplishment in family and secondary school. Father of one of the corporals beating the soldiers in the Internal Troops is police. It shows that that man was bullying in the Civvy Street too”. Rzayev said that it needed to establish professional army to prevent such cases. On other hand it also needs to improve professionalism of officer staff working with the soldiers. “In US army the corporals are educating the soldiers. I think we need to pay serious attention to the training of corporals and command should regularly focus on it”.
The facts of hazing in the Azerbaijani Army were described in the document entitled “Analysis of human and civil rights in the sectors of defense and security” prepared by a group of pro-military NGOs. It was reported in the document that as a result of actions out of Army Charter, 5 militaries died in 2006, 4 – in 2005, 10- in 2004 and 13 – in 2003. 10 militaries committed suicide in 2007, 7- in 2006, 4- in 2005, 4 – in 2004 and 8 – in 2003. The experts noted that the cases of hazing, actions out of Army Charter, bribery, violence, derisions, humiliation and other illegal actions caused the suicides.