ASELSAN’s representative Ozcan Kahramangil: We are about to share the similar level with brotherly Azerbaijan in the application of the technologies

ASELSAN’s representative Ozcan Kahramangil: We are about to share the similar level with brotherly Azerbaijan in the application of the technologies
# 21 May 2010 08:10 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Rashad Suleymanov, Shaig Mammadoglu – APA. APA’s interview with Ozcan Kahramangil, head of Microelectronics, Guidance and Electro-Optics Group of Turkey’s ASELSAN Company

-Could you give information about the importance of the contract signed between Azerbaijan and ASELSAN on May 11? What does this contract comprise?

-Within the framework of the SOFEX we signed a contract on cooperation in electro-optics with “Optika” production unit of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense Industry. Earlier, we had cooperated with Azerbaijan, too. The protocol envisages production of night vision devices in Alov plant. We also plan to produce with Azerbaijan thermal telescopes.

-ASELSAN is one of the foreign companies that play the biggest role in the provision of Azerbaijani Armed Forces. How do you assess the current level of the cooperation in this field?

-Azerbaijan is a brotherly country, we both are representatives of the Turkic nation. We are about to share the similar level in the application of the technologies. Unfortunately, we have not been able to reach the targeted level rapidly. But now Azerbaijani Armed Forces are mainly using our radio stations and are very pleased. The Interior Troops have recently begun to use our thermal imaging cameras. We will improve our cooperation in the field of thermal imaging cameras and night vision devices and establish production. We plan to meet the needs of Azerbaijani Armed Forces and the region in this field.

-What measures are being taken to apply ASELSAN-made technologies in the sphere of border security in Azerbaijan?

-The cooperation in this field is on the initial stage. Though the work continues, there is nothing new. There is a border security project in Turkey. Within the framework of this project Border Security System will be established by ASELSAN along the entire border. Anyway, the Azerbaijani side will pass a proper decision. ASELSAN has opportunities to prepare the design basing on the conditions offered to us. If the question is Azerbaijan’s border security, we are ready to prepare a device, organize integration, establish cooperation with Azerbaijani companies.

-A year ago we launched a pilot project in Nakhchivan corps in order to modernize the fire control systems of T-72 tanks of Azerbaijan’s Land Forces. What happened to the project later?

- I would like to note that ASELSAN created Volcano infantry controlling system for Leopard 1A4 tanks. We are preparing different systems for every tank depending on shooting distance and power of locomotion. Now we are modernizing Leopard 2A4 tanks used by the Turkish armed forces. ASELSAN is realizing the projects of infantry controlling system, command and gunner prescopes for local Altay tank production. We created similar system for T 72 as well. We had very short time to create these systems. It was satisfactory, but Azerbaijani armed forces chose the products of another company. But if Azerbaijan entrusts us with doing these systems for its tanks we will continue this project. We integrated this system into a tank in Nakhchivan corps and tested it. Now we are working together with “Cihaz” plant of the Azerbaijan’s Defense Industry Ministry on the projects of supplying armored vehicles with thermal target. We will continue this cooperation after the tests.

- In 2008, Azerbaijani armed forces ordered ASELSAN to produce $3.2- million PRC-5712 link radio systems. What can you say about these systems?

- Our company completed procurement of link radio systems in a short time and it was not delayed. Now Azerbaijani army is using these systems. Following Azerbaijan, Pakistan also ordered such systems.

- If we are not wrong, Azerbaijan showed interest to Eye of Falcon electro-optical sensory systems produced by ASELSAN.

- Azerbaijani delegation visited Turkey and investigated these systems and evaluated the ASELSAN’s ability. They had very good impressions. But no agreement has been reached so far on any program. We are looking forward to sign such agreement. If there is such agreement we will deliver the systems in a short time.

- How does ASELSAN fulfill its duties as one of the main participants of Altay national project? Please give details about the latest developments of this project.

- The work on Altay national tank project is going on according to the program. Otokar Company is producing tanks within this project. ASELSAN is responsible for producing of command and gunner prescopes, preparation and integration of shooting controlling systems. First prototypes are ready and we are conducting qualification tests now. The program is developing rapidly and ASELSAN is leading this program. Therefore we are supplying Leopard 2A4 tanks before Altay. This tank is important for testing. I consider that the system will justify itself during the tests with Leopard 2A4. Regarding the Altay tanks, there will be no problems with supplying the tank with these systems.

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