Paramount Group represented in SOFEX together with Azerbaijan - PHOTO

Paramount Group represented in SOFEX together with Azerbaijan - <font color=red>PHOTO</font>
# 13 May 2010 09:19 (UTC +04:00)
The stand of the Paramount Group covered data about Matador and Marauder mine protected vehicles produced together with Azerbaijan, as well as other vehicles produced by the company.

Paramount Group CEO John Craig and official representative of the company Miles Chambers participated in the exhibition.

Appreciating Azerbaijan’s cooperation with the Paramount Group, Minister of Defense Industry Yaver Jamalov told APA that the cooperation already has real results.
“According to the contract, 50 mine protected vehicles are to be assembled in Baku with the participation of the Paramount Group and handed over to the Defense Ministry. 30 of the vehicles are to be assembled and handed over by the end of this year. 5 vehicles have already been assembled. The commitment has been fulfilled, there is no delay. Activities are being carried out to equip the vehicles,” he said.

Jamalov said the armored vehicles were equipped in accordance with the customer’s demands.

The minister said Matador and Marauder were tested successfully and armors enabled the vehicles to sustain 17 kg trotyl and the explosion damaged only its wheels. The personnel are protected from the shell-splinters and explosion acoustics.

Jamalov said the booklets of armored vehicles were exhibited at SOFEX and a number of companies and countries showed interest to them. The minister emphasized that Azerbaijan is looking forward for the export of these vehicles in future after that it meets its own needs.
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