Zohre Elahiyan becomes Iran's first female candidate for president

Zohre Elahiyan becomes Iran
# 01 June 2024 22:45 (UTC +04:00)

Former female Member of Parliament Zohre Elahiyan in Iran has submitted her candidacy for the presidential election scheduled for June 28, APA reports citing Iranian media.

Elahiyan declared her candidacy at the Ministry of Interior on the third day of the application process.

Speaking at a press conference after completing the registration process, Elahiyan said, "The slogan of my government is 'a healthy government, a healthy economy, and a healthy society.'"

Elahiyan stated, "A healthy government should not see itself as responsible for all affairs in the country, but should instead harness the capacity of the youth and thus offer a new style of governance."

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