FBI director makes unannounced trip to Israel, meets counterparts

FBI Director Christopher Wray

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# 15 February 2024 01:11 (UTC +04:00)

FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday made an unannounced travel to Israel to meet with law enforcement and his intelligence counterparts, the agency said, APA reports citing Anadolu Agency.

"Wray made an unannounced trip to Israel today to meet with Israeli law enforcement and intelligence partners to discuss the current and future threat landscape facing both Israel and the US," it said in a statement.

The FBI chief reiterated the agency's continued support to Israel after the Oct. 7 attacks by Palestinian group Hamas.

Wray hailed FBI’s partnership with Israeli counterparts as "longstanding, close, and robust."

"I’m confident the closeness of our agencies contributed to our ability to move so quickly in response to these attacks, and to ensure our support is as seamless as possible," he said.

The statement said Wray met the FBI Legal Attache office in Tel Aviv and thanked agents and staff for their dedication and service to the partners and the region.

"He stressed the importance of the work being done by FBI personnel alongside their Israeli partners to combat the threats posed by Hamas, Hizballah, Iran and others and to provide services to US victims of the attack," according to the readout.

"Director Wray’s key focus is the work the FBI continues to do to confront the elevated threat as foreign terrorist organizations have expressed support and praise for the attacks on Israel and threatened to attack US interests both abroad and in the homeland," it said.

"The FBI has and will continue to be responsive to requests from the Government of Israel to provide support in their ongoing efforts to keep their citizens safe from the threats and acts of terrorism."

"In sum, these meetings with Israeli intelligence and law enforcement partners, as well as FBI personnel, officials at the US Embassy, and other key US government partners continues to demonstrate the Bureau’s commitment to keeping Americans and allies safe," read the press release.