'End fossil fuels' protester storms stage of COP28 summit

# 11 December 2023 18:08 (UTC +04:00)

A young protester burst on to the stage at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai on Monday, holding a sign above her head that read: "End fossil fuels. Save our planet and our future," APA reports citing Reuters.

The protester was escorted away as the audience clapped.

COP28 Director-General Ambassador Majid Al Suwaidi said he admired the enthusiasm of young people at COP28 and encouraged the audience to give the protester another round of applause.

It was not immediately clear with which group the protester was affiliated.

Public protests have been limited at the United Nations talks that are being held in the United Arab Emirates, which bans many organised groups, including political parties and labour unions.

Countries on Monday were waiting for the COP28 Presidency to release a new draft text as the summit attempts to reach a final agreement that could include language on phasing out fossil fuels.

The talks are scheduled to finish on Tuesday, but U.N. climate talks have rarely finished on time.