Iran’s President: "Coronavirus being contained, situation to return to normal"

 Iran’s President: "Coronavirus being contained, situation to return to normal"
# 26 February 2020 15:58 (UTC +04:00)

While the outbreak of a novel coronavirus epidemic in Iran has raised concerns in recent days, President Hassan Rouhani assured people that the situation will return to normal on Saturday, unless the national headquarters for controlling the disease makes a new decision, APA reports citing Tasnim.

Speaking at a Tuesday meeting of National Headquarters to Fight against Coronavirus, Rouhani said the situation across the country is expected to return to normal as of Saturday, and public places can continue their activities while paying attention to the health recommendations.

He also said that fomenting fear about coronavirus is a plot by the enemies who are attempting to halt the Islamic Republic’s activities.

Pointing to a promising report issued by the Health Ministry about harnessing coronavirus, Rouhani said, “The report shows that the virus is being reined in and the number of people going to hospitals has decreased dramatically.”

He appreciated the hard work of all physicians, nurses and medical staff across the country, adding that “the decisions made by the headquarters are binding and unnecessary gatherings will be cancelled.”

The president stressed that the supply of whatever is needed for medical personnel at hospitals must be prioritized and they must be provided as soon as possible, IFP reported.

Rouhani reiterated that the necessary instructions will be issued by the Ministry of Health and the reference for people must be the state TV.

“At schools, high schools, universities and work places, everyone should pay attention to health recommendations, but we must all continue our work and activities,” he underlined.

He also said the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade has given assurances that all producers of disinfectants, detergents and masks are active, and they are working round the clock.

He went on to say that it is also necessary to educate people about COVID-19.

“Fortunately, the experts and the IRIB have been active in this regard and they must tell people the truth,” he concluded.