Fire disaster in Turkey's Nigde leaves 4 dead, 3 injured

Fire disaster in Turkey
# 14 January 2020 10:51 (UTC +04:00)

4 people were killed and 3 people were injured in a house fire in Hacıbekirli village of Ulukısla district, APA's local bureau reports.

Those who saw flames rising from a house in the village of Hacıbekirli during the night hours, reported the situation to the fire department. The flames surrounded the whole house until the fire brigade arrived.

According to DHA; jump from the window Murat Subasi (50), Necati Dogan (54) and Nuray Dogan (51) survived the fire injured. A portion of the house was destroyed during the fire. Necati Dogan (5), Mukaddes Subasi (51), Fadime Dogan (26) and Murat Muhammet Dogan (2), who were alleged to be among the flames due to the dent, died in the fire.

Firefighters intervened by firefighters in the first review of the fire, the dinner was due to the barbecue burned for dinner. Firefighters, AFAD and gendarmerie teams, 4 funeral work began to remove the house. Injured Murat Subası, Nigde Omer Halisdemir University Training and Research Hospital, while the other injured Necati Dogan and Nuray Dogan were treated in the ambulances to the scene.