1 person lost his life in landslide in Turkey's Mersin

1 person lost his life in landslide in Turkey
# 07 January 2020 14:45 (UTC +04:00)

A person in the shed destroyed due to landslide in Erdemli district of Mersin lost his life, APA's Turkey bureau reports.

Cesmeli neighborhood where 6 people lived in the shed, due to torrential demolition was destroyed with floating soil.

5 people at home with their own means, while 62-year-old Ibrahim Ongel remained under the ruins.

Denounce on the scene from the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality fire department, Erdemli Municipality and AFAD teams in the debris removal work was reached Ongel'in lifeless body.

General Directorate of Meteorology "red code" warning made in Mersin, downpour and storm negatively affect life, many streets and streets were flooded.