Domestic animals insurance to be possible in Azerbaijan

Domestic animals insurance to be possible in Azerbaijan
# 25 April 2019 14:51 (UTC +04:00)

The list of risks to the assurance of agrarian insurance has been announced, ONA reports.

It is issued "On Agrarian Insurance" draft law.

According to the Article №5 of the Draft law (Risks under Agrarian Insurance Coverage), producers of agricultural products are insured under one or more of the following risks on agrarian insurance subjects:

1. Natural phenomena, including natural disasters;

2. Fire;

3. Accidents;

4. Infectious Diseases and Poisonings

5. Wild animals attack and spread and attack of specifically dangerous pests;

6. Actions of third parties

Note that agricultural crops and plant products, agricultural animals, poultry, bee families, rabbits raised for agricultural purposes, water animals, camels, lambs and camels birds are the subjects of agrarian insurance.