CEC announces final results of local elections in Azerbaijan

CEC announces final results of local elections in Azerbaijan
# 11 January 2010 14:33 (UTC +04:00)
CEC chairman Mazahir Panahov said at the meeting that CEC received 1718 protocols after the voting and each of the protocols was investigated.
“The investigation was carried out generally and thoroughly by the CEC members and officers of the secretariat,” he said.

CEC secretary Natig Mammadov said 32.4 percent of the voters participated in the local elections held on December 23. Mammadov gave statistical information about the candidates, municipalities and added that the election was in line with the legislation and about 31,000 candidates participated in the elections.
“All the shortcomings before and after the voting were eliminated. All measures were taken to declare the results of the elections in time. The protocols were investigated within 20 days. Unfortunately, there were reasons for invalidity of the results presented by some polling stations. The activity of some polling stations and constituencies was not in line with the law. Some reports need to be investigated by the prosecuting authorities,” he said.

In some polling stations the election was not in line with the law, it was impossible to determine the will of the voters. Therefore, the results of the elections were invalidated in 33 polling stations, 9 municipalities. They are Ulug municipality of Gusar region, Aghgul municipality of Guba region, Shahriyar municipality of Sabirabad region, Boradigah municipality of Masalli region, Merzeli, Gizilkend, Sarkhanli municipalities of Imishli region, Shafag and Naftalan municipalities. It was impossible to determine the will of the voters in the voting for these municipalities.
Therefore, the results of the voting for these municipalities have been invalidated.

Generally 18 polling stations and two electoral district commissions were dissolved and chairmen of two district commissions were dismissed for non-accordance with their posts”. Mammadov urged the prosecutor’s offices to investigate some violation cases and said the materials would be submitted to them.

CEC member Akif Gurbanov said there were serious violations in the registration of the candidates, agitation campaign, voting and other processes. They were intentional violations and no actions were taken for their resolving, said Gurbanov. He said he wouldn’t sign the final protocol and called on his colleagues to join him.

CEC chairman Mazahir Panahov said his commission carried out all its duties during the elections. “There were legal responsibilities of the relevant organizations and executive bodies and it was carried out jointly. The country’s leadership has political will to hold democratic elections in Azerbaijan”.

Answering the journalists’ questions, CEC chairman said the results of the elections for parties would be announced soon. He said the process continued and statistics was being prepared.

Panahov said after three months voting would be held for the municipalities, where the results were invalidated. He said there were few municipalities, where the results of the voting were invalidated, so it would not create serious problems to hold the elections.

At the end of the meeting, final protocol on the local elections was signed. 14 out of 15 members of CEC signed the protocol. Akif Gurbanov, who represented Umid Party, did not sign the protocol.