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Two solar flares occur

[ 25 October 2013 17:49 ]

Solar flares can shake the Earth's magnetic field al little

Baku. Konul Kamilgizi – APA. Two strong solar flares occurred yesterday and tonight.


Chief of the Sun and solar-terrestrial relationship Department of Shamakhi-based Tusi Astrophysical Observatory of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) Namig Jalilov told APA that the solar flares were recorded yesterday at 04:00 and today at 12:00.


According to him, despite the strong solar bursts, great magnetic disturbances are not expected on the Earth.


Jalilov noted that solar flares can shake the Earth's magnetic field: “Solar flares occur every day. However, solar flares were relatively strong yesterday and tonight. Coronal mass ejections take 3-4 days to reach the Earth.


There is no information about the coronal mass ejections and their direction towards the Earth yet. The flares will affect the Earth a little. The solar flares were recorded on average power. Russian geophysicists also reported that everything is in order.”