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Alleged terrorist who exploded railway station in Volgograd named

[ 30 December 2013 14:08 ]

Baku – APA. According to preliminary information, the explosion in a railway station in Volgograd, Russia, has been allegedly committed by Pavel Pechenkin, who is from the Mari El Republic and a member of one of the armed groups in Dagestan.


APA reports quoting Interfax that Pavel Pechenkin joined the Dagestan’s militants in spring 2012.


He formerly worked as a medical assistant. Then he converted to Islam and changed his name to Ansar Al- Rusi.


It is reported that the final information about his identity will be released after DNA testing. Pechenkin’s father Nikolai has already donated blood for testing.


The first terrorist act was committed in the railway in Volgograd yesterday. Consequently, 17 people were killed and more than 50 injured. Another terrorist attack has today been committed on a trolley bus. As a result, 14 were killed, 28 injured.