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Turkish president: “We know who our friend is and who our enemy is”

"Turks showed the world what kind of nation Turkey is"

“The attempted military coup on July 15 is the biggest betrayal in the modern history of Turkey. I express my gratitude to each participant in suppressing this perfidy, for all the people”, – the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated this during his speech on the action before the parliament on the first anniversary of the attempted military coup on July 15, APA’s correspondent reports.


The President noted that on July 15 of last year Turks showed the world what kind of nation Turkey is: “Had my nation took arms? Had my nation marched against the scoundrels, traitors with weapons with their hands? My nation marched with their faith and flag. There is no other example of this. There is no other nation who stops bullets by their chests. There is no other nation that stops tanks with punch,” he said.


In response to public demands to restore the death penalty for those found guilty of participating in the coup, Erdogan said he would not be hesitate to approve a bill if passed by parliament.


The government overthrow orchestrated by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) and its U.S.-based leader, Fetullah Gulen, he said.


According to Erdogan, the statement of the chairman of the People's Republican Party Kamal Kilichdaroglu, during the coup attempt of one of the municipality heads in the house, that the coup d'état was under control on July 15, is completely inappropriate: "250 citizens became martyrs, 2,293 citizens were wounded. How can you give such an estimate with such figures? While the people were fighting the traitors, the deputies, meeting in the parliament, expressed their position. The deputies defended the parliament and demonstrated this to the whole world. I congratulate each of the 106 deputies who came to parliament that night. Deputies have risen as much as traitors have degraded, striking at the parliament. Such a parliament is suitable for such a people. How can a person sell his homeland?! How did they dare go against the Motherland, the people?! FETÖ has made many attempts to divide the people, and now they are trying to lead the processes from Pennsylvania. Those who attempted to return to their homeland on July 15 are now in charge of their actions at the trial. Thanks to the development of Turkey, we will achieve the goals envisaged for the year 2023. July 15 is the day of National Unity and Democracy. With the presence of such determination and greatness of spirit, nobody can destroy the state, captivate the people. The events of July 15 showed who our friend is and who the enemy is. Their positions were immediately demonstrated by friends, and a few days later - and two-faced hypocrites. They will not break our people, do not bring our state to our knees and not turn from our path. We know who our friend is and who our enemy is. We will be together, brothers, strong, together we are Turkey!”.

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