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Rovshen Janiyev's body brought to Azerbaijan

Lenkeran. Agaddin Babayev - APA. Rovshan Lankaransky’s (Janiyev) body, who was killed in Istanbul last night, was brought to his native Lankaran, Azerbaijan,APA reports.


APA southern bureau reports that the body, brought by Istanbul-Lankaran special flight, is sent to the mosque "Kicik Bazar".


R. Janiyev will be buried at the cemetery of Kicik Bazar.


Istanbul. Mayis Alizadeh-APA. All documents required bringing Azerbaijani crime boss Rovshan Lankaransky’s (Janiyev) body, who was killed in Istanbul last night, have already been prepared and handed over to his relatives, the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Istanbul told APA.


According to the information, currently in the Istanbul airport is paperwork to send the body to Azerbaijan


Rovshan Lankaransky’s body will be brought to his native Lenkaran region.


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stanbul. Mayis Alizade - APA. Some details have emerged of the shooting of Rovshan Lankaransky (Janiyev).


APA’s Turkey bureau reports quoting Florence Nightingale Hospital that a taxi driver brought an unknown person without any document to the hospital at about 00:30 on August 17. 

He was taken to an intensive care unit. Despite the efforts to keep him alive, doctors could not save his life. 

Thereafter, the police officers found out that he entered the country by the name of Rovshan Aliyev. 

Lankaransky had received up tp 20 bullet wounds when he was brought to the hospital. 

The prosecutor’s office decided not to hand over his body for forensic medical examination, because he certainly died of the many bullet wounds he had received. The deceased’s relatives did not have any objection to the decision.  

Currently, relevant documents are being prepared to bring Lankaransky’s body to Azerbaijan. 

The body will be brought to Azerbaijan once the consulate in Istanbul confirms the document. 

The other person, who was with Rovshan Lankaransky in the car, is under police surveillance in Sisli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital. 


Rovshan Janiyev, aka Rovshan Lankaranski, was first sentenced to 2-year imprisonment in 1996. Rovshan Janiyev shot at his father’s murderer in the courtroom. Under the decision of Sabail district court on March 4, 1997, he got suspended sentence. In July, 2000, he was held accountable again. He was accused of attempting to commit premeditated murder, illegally obtaining, carrying, purchasing firearms, explosives. The court passed a decision on his psychological treatment. Under the decision of Sabunchu district court in 2001, Janiyev was freed from criminal responsibility.


Rovshan Lankaranski was arrested in Ukraine in December, 2009 and was extradited to Azerbaijan on December 13. Though public prosecutor demanded 12 year imprisonment for him was sentenced to 2 years, 10 months and 19 days in prison.


An Italian court also issued an international arrest warrant for Rovshan. For this reason, he changed his last name to Aliyev. The Italian court charged him with organized crimes, bribery, money laundering and counterfeit documents.


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Istanbul. Mayis Alizadeh – APA. Rovshan LankaranSKY has died in Istanbul’s “Florence Nightingale” hospital.


According to APA’s Turkey correspondent, the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Istanbul has begun preparing documents to send his body back to the country.


His driver, who also was wounded in the shooting, is under intensive care in Sisli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital.


The hospital told APA that the bullets have been pulled out from his abdominal and he will stay in hospital for a few more days as he had breaks in his arms and legs.


Rovshan’s brother Namiq answered the phone but left the question about his brother unanswered.






Istanbul. Mayis Alizadeh – APA. The man who was hot in last night’s shooting in Istanbul is Rovshan Lankaransky, APA’s Turkey correspondent has learned.


Despite his last name is written as Aliyev on his national ID card, investigations found out that he is Rovshan Lankaransky (Janiyev).


The APA correspondent also learned that Rovshan received five bullet wounds, one of which pierced his eye.


Istanbul police are investigating the incident.


Lankaransky, who is under intensive care in hospital, is said to be in critical condition.






Baku - APA. In Istanbul, there was an armed incident.


Two unidentified men opened fire on entrepreneur Rovshan Aliyev’s car, APAreports quoting Anadolu agency.


Businessman and his driver were wounded and taken to hospital in serious condition. Despite the efforts of doctors driver’s life could not be saved.

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