Russian political analysts comment on US-planned military training in Persian Gulf

Victor Baranets: “If Iran had C-300 missiles, the US would not have such an intention”


Moscow. Farid Akberov. “US will deploy its troops withdrawn from Afghanistan in the Persian Gulf. The goal is to influence the presidential elections in Iran this year”, said the Russian political analyst, Director General of Center for Studying Modern Iran Rajab Safarov at the event “Trainings in the Persian Gulf: preparation for realizing the threat”, APA's Moscow correspondent reports. He noted that on May 6, the US will start large-scale trainings in the Persian Gulf with the participation of more than 30 countries: “US trainings in the Persian Gulf directly contradict Russia's national interests and Iran’s policy”.


Chairman of Russian Islamic Committee, political analyst Heydar Jamal said the US and western countries’ threats against Iran are not persuasive. According to him, Iran understands that the US will not start war against Iran in the current situation: “Without resolution of the problem in Syria, armed attack on Iran is not persuasive. The trainings in the Persian Gulf are another bluff of the US against Iran”.


Military commentator of the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, retired colonel Viktor Baranets also assessed the US trainings in the Persian Gulf as the next bluff against Iran: “US and NATO generals are not so fool to start war against Iran. Iran is able to defeat any attack from the Gulf. War can be difficult for the US. The US understands it well. Therefore, its threat against Iran is nothing but a political bluff, because the US has not solved the problem in Syria yet. Bashar Assad regime is almost about to win. ”

Baranets said ban imposed by Russia on sale of C-300 missiles is a mistake.


"If Iran had C-300 missiles, the US would not have such an intention," he said.


Political analyst Stanislav Ivanov said the US' aim is not only to exert pressure on Iran.


"There is Russia and China factor. It is known that civil war is going on in Syria. Taking into account the results of the events in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt, it is possible to imagine how the problem in Syria will be solved. The war is becoming regional. If war starts against Iran, it means the beginning of the third world war," he said.



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/ 22 April, 2018