Products and subscription offers of APA Information Agency

Azeri-Press Agency (APA) provides news service to all the relevant bodies and institutions. We offer You the APA’s news package in five languages (Azerbaijani, Russian, English, French and Arabic) to meet your company’s demand for news, to immediately update You about the developments around and acquaint You with monthly, quarterly and annual monitoring and analyses. Our news service is `ailable through both newsletters three times a day and our website by password we will provide. The Agency offers You original photos and video news of high quality.

APA Information Agency offers the following products to its subscribers:

1. Online news service. The news articles are posted on the agency’s website. A part of the news articles is open for reading. The news articles limited for use are available by signing subscription agreement with the company. The limited news articles are unlocked after 12 hours. The news articles are delivered to the e-mail of the subscribers through newsletters three times a day. The Agency provides about 600 online news articles a day in Azerbaijani, Russian, English, French and Arabic. 50 of the news articles are with photos, 15 to 20 with video footages. APA-News covers events in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus, as well as breaking news around the world.

2. Economic news and analyses. These news articles are posted on economic section of the agency’s website. A part of the news articles is open for reading, some are limited and are never available for use. Only subscribers of the agency can make use of them. Separate tariffs are offered for APA-Economics, special subscription agreement is signed and password is provided to enter this section of the website. The products of this section include:
a) daily economic news package,
b) analyses,
c) economic forecasts and trends,
d) monthly bank rankings,
j) real estate market summary,
q) currency exchange rates,
v) oil forecasts
f) economic interviews.

3. Analyses and comments. The headlines of the articles are posted in this section and in the majority of cases they are limited for mass reading. The agency releases monthly, quarterly and annual analytical newsletters. Analytical newsletters contain:
a) political analyses covering the developments in Azerbaijan, in the region and in the hot spots of the world
b) economic comments, analyses, forecasts, rankings, monitoring

4. Photo and video products. The Agency offers original photos and video footages. The photos and videos can be downloaded by credit card or by signing subscription agreement. The Agency offers exclusive photos of:
a) important daily events
b) outstanding world leaders ,
c) famous stars
d) elections in different countries ,
e) developments in the hot spots f) political rallies
g) explosions, emergency situations.

Also, the Agency offers preparation of:,
a) commercials
b) various booklets
c) promotional advertisement
d) election ads.

APA News Agency:
Najafgulu Rafiyev st. block 11/45, Baku, Azerbaijan.
Tel: +99 412 488 35 42(43/44)
Fax: +99 412 488-35-79




  • Armenia violates ceasefire 83 times
  • Azerbaijan's polo team qualifies for the World Cup final
/ 18 June, 2018