Seminar on Azerbaijan’s customs – challenges for today and tomorrow kicks off in Baku
APA Azeri Press Agency

Seminar on Azerbaijan’s customs – challenges for today and tomorrow kicks off in Baku

[ 13 June 2018 12:50 ]

State Customs Committee has today started a seminar on Azerbaijan’s customs – challenges for today and tomorrow.


Chairman of State Customs Committee Safar Mehdiyev said that the seminar will contribute to closely follow works done by customs service, customs-media relations.


He spoke about role of customs service in economic development and fiscal policy. Mehdiyev mentioned Heydar Aliyev’s role in establishment of customs services. According to him, current president Ilham Aliyev plays indispensable role in development of customs services.


Mehdiyev noted that working principle of the State Customs Committee bases on open and transparent cooperation with media: ‘I believe that this seminar will held journalists improve their knowledge about customs service’.  


Chairman of the Press Council, MP Aflatun Amashov said that this seminar is very significant for both sides: ‘This will support solution of specialization - the main problem of journalism’.


President of APA Holding Vusala Mahirgizi thanked organizers for this seminar. According to her, firstly, journalists must have information about awareness-raising activities in any field: ‘It’s needed to say openly that media has so far made mistakes on specification of both legislation and different issues in customs field. This is mainly caused by absence of specialization. Journalists must, at least, have initial knowledge on this field. I believe that this seminar will continue in the future and lead to giving initial information about problems in customs legislation, customs’.  


She noted that media can see problems in several issues but is not aware of reasons of these problems: ‘This is arisen from unawareness about the process. Therefore it gets non-objective results. I support this initiative’.


V. Mahirgizi said that Safar Mehdiyev is more open to media and press service of the Customs Committee operates better.


APA Holding president offered to promote customs operations via media: ‘Exemplary customs officer should be promoted. At the same time, customs duties should promoted via media. Companies avoiding customs duties should be announced via media’.


Mahirgizi noted she is ready to support State Customs Committee in all fields.


Director General of Trend information agency Arzu Naghiyev highly appreciated SCC’s activity in import and export. He wished successes to the seminar.   


The seminar will last two days.