PACE committee imposes sanction on Azerbaijani MP Samad Seyidov
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PACE committee imposes sanction on Azerbaijani MP Samad Seyidov

[ 16 May 2018 14:53 ]

The PACE Committee on Rules of Procedure has found that four individual members named in the report of the Independent Investigation Body looking into allegations of corruption within the Assembly have “seriously breached” its Code of Conduct, and ruled that all four should be temporarily deprived of a number of rights in the Assembly, said a message posted on PACE’s website on May 16.


The committee decided that the sanctions should apply to Pedro Agramunt (Spain, EPP/CD) for a period of ten years, and Cezar Florin Preda (Romania, EPP/CD), Samad Seyidov (Azerbaijan, EC) and Jordi Xuclà (Spain, ALDE) for a period of two years.


The decision stated that under the 25th paragraph of the Assembly’s Code of Conduct, Seyidov failed to carry out his task responsibly and honestly and seriously breached the ethical rules of PACE.


All four, while remaining members of the Assembly with the right to speak, will be banned during these periods from acting as a rapporteur or an election observer, and cannot be Chair or Vice-Chair of any committee or sub-committee, or stand for election as President of the Assembly.


They will not be able to represent the Assembly or its committees at any third-party events, and will also be deprived of the right to address questions to the Committee of Ministers, the Council of Europe’s executive body.