Man shot after attack at Paris Orly airport
APA Azeri Press Agency

Man shot after attack at Paris Orly airport

[ 18 March 2017 13:47 ]

A man has been shot dead at Paris' Orly airport after he stole a soldier's firearm and took refuge in a shop around an hour after he shot and wounded a police officer, APA reports citing to


A spokesman for the French Interior Ministry told reporters that the man wrestled the gun away from the soldier and was killed by security forces.


During the ensuing operation security officials evacuated Orly and did a sweep of the airport in search of potential accomplices or explosives.


Terrified passengers wrote on Twitter that they had heard gunshots in the south terminal at about 8.30am on Saturday and were told to flee.


All flights in and out of Orly - which is served by airlines including British Airways and easyJet - were suspended as the airport was evacuated and shut down as elite anti-terror officers carried out the operation.