Will we say “We all are Azerbaijanis”?

Baku – APA. APA Director General Vusala Mahirgizi’s article has been published in the Hurriyyet newspaper.

The article is a reply to some Turkish media reports against Azerbaijan that came after the French Senate passed the bill criminalizing the denial of the genocide. This is at the same time a call to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Khohaly genocide in Turkey.

APA presents the article.

France’s bill criminalizing the denial of the genocide raised protests in Azerbaijan, too. Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry, Presidential Administration, opposition, nongovernmental organizations, media expressed their position on the issue. Despite this, we failed to satisfy some in Turkey. But actually, we did not have such an intention…

We expressed our protest against the bill that runs counter to the freedom and justice and that affected Azerbaijan as much as Turkey. We wanted to tell the French officials, parliament and intellectuals, who keep silence with regard to the decision and blame us for violating freedoms, that we are distressed. Anyway, we have been able to do it.

We know very well what injustice is. We lost our lands, our native land was plundered, our children were killed by Armenians. Therefore, we think that the French Senate’s bill supporting Armenians is an insult to us.

We want to cry too and deliver truth which the world hasn’t seen for 20 years. We wish the people, who march in Istanbul streets and say “we are all Armenians”, to hear it.

We want Turkish people and Turkey to see and know our reality before French, German and Chinese know it.

Approximately a month later, 20 years will pass from the genocide committed in Khojaly city of Azerbaijan’s Nagorno Karabakh region. One city was wiped off from the face of the world during an hour 20 years ago. 613 of 2500 civilians, who were trying to escape from Armenians, were killed, 63 of them were children, 106 – women, 70 – old people. 8 families were killed during one hour. 487 people were wounded, 76 of them were children, 1275 people were taken captive, 150 people went missing… And this tragedy occurred before the world’s eyes 20 years ago. All over the world kept silence… Azerbaijan outlived all these alone, these tortures are still continuing.

A month later, on this day we can tell the world how the Turkic people suffered from genocide. There is a chance for hundreds of thousands of people to march in Istanbul streets with photos of genocide victims in Khojaly and cry to the world about the events occurred 20 years ago. What do you say, will we cry “we are Azerbaijanis” in Istanbul? Will we show “Turkey’s conscience” to the world from this side too?

Will Turkey-Azerbaijan union, which is the greatest fraternity in the history, cry to Europe and France?

If we don’t do it now when we will?

Will we say “we are all Azerbaijanis”?

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/ 16 July , 2018