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Government mortgage lending in Azerbaijan slips

[ 09 January 2013 11:21 ]

Baku. Ali Ahmedov – APA-Economics. AZN 14.33 mln mortgage loans were given via Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund during December, 2012, up 38% from a month earlier. Consequently, mortgage loans reached AZN 74.77 mln, down 21.74% from 2011, said the AMF.


Totally, the mortgage loans through AMF have reached AZN 420.31 mln since mortgage lending started in 2006. Consequently, as of January 1, 2013, per capita mortgage loan made AZN 46.19.


AMF has refinanced AZN 5.73 mln-mortgage loans in December, down 1.9 times compared with November. Consequently, AZN 91.15 mln-loans were refinanced during 2012. AZN 343.37 mln or 81.69% of total mortgage loans were refinanced.


Besides, AMF issued AZN 13 mln-bonds in December. Consequently, the bonds issued by Fund in 2012 made AZN 36 mln.