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"Azerbaijani-Russian relations depend not only on the rent of Gabala radar station", Rasim Musabeyov

[ 11 December 2012 01:35 ]


Moscow. Farid Akbarov-APA. "Azerbaijani-Russian relations depend not only on the rent of Gabala Radar Station," said Member of Parliament Rasim Musabayov in an interview with APA’s Moscow bureau. According to him, the two countries have established close cooperation in various fields, "I think this cooperation will continue at the same level."


R.Musabayov said that during the talks the Russian side should explain the importance of the Gabala RS for its security and the contribution to Azerbaijan's security: "However, Russia did not. They said that we need the Gabala RS and you give it to us for the amount that suits us! This expectation of Russia doesn’t meet bilateral relations. In fact, from the point of view of security, Russia is not so in need of this station. Russia would only show their presence in Azerbaijan. This does not correspond to the interests of Azerbaijan.


Russia's decision on suspension of exploitation should be treated calmly. Russia faced with a similar problem in Ukraine, handing over radar stations there. But it does not mean that Russia and Ukraine have become enemies”.


 Azerbaijani-Russian relations are built on the basis of bilateral interests and should continue. "