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Azerbaijani State Oil Fund to allocate AZN 30 million for students’ education abroad this year

[ 22 February 2013 14:49 ]


Baku. Konul Kamilgizi – APA. The State Oil Fund will allocate AZN 30 million for the education of Azerbaijani students abroad this year, said Minister of Education Misir Mardanov in his speech at the presentation ceremony on the development of Information Management System and new website regarding “State Program on education of Azerbaijan youth abroad in 2007-2015” held in the Ministry of Education, APA reports. He said the funds for the education of Azerbaijani youth abroad are increased every year. The Minister said while this amount was AZN 20 million last year, it is expected to be AZN 30 million this year: “When started the implementation of program, we thought how we would afford its implementation. However, now we are concerned how to effectively spend so much money.”