10:18 20 June
10:14 20 June

International community still in unjust position on Azerbaijanis taken hostage in Kalbajar - Ali Huseynli

Baku. Etibar Mammadov – APA. “I agree with Vice-Speaker Bahar Muradova’s opinion regarding the proposal of sending a lawyer for the trial of the Azerbaijani citizens taken, who were taken hostage by Armenians in occupied Kalbajar region, and I support her idea. I think the proposal about visiting an unrecognized republic is absurd. At the same time, we need to exert pressure on them by talking advantage of international organizations’ capabilities to ensure the protection of our citizens’ rights”, Chairman of the Azerbaijani Parliament’s Committee on Law Policy and State Building, Ali Huseynli told APA.

According to him, two vital issues can be resolved by accentuating the rights of our citizens through international community.


“One matter we’re accentuating for international community is that how come international organizations and human rights organizations protect the rights of the Armenian special service members in Azerbaijan and do not react to the Azerbaijanis being held hostage in Kalbajar, which is our native land?! Two Azerbaijanis were illegally detained and arrested in their own territory, but international community is still silent. The OSCE Minsk Group and other international organizations must pay attention to this matter. We must achieve it. The second issue is that a lawyer might possibly protect the rights of our citizens with their mediation,” he said.


Huseynli said the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is an unrecognized regime, thus can’t have court.


“How could an Azerbaijani MP participate in a trial held there while a court decision is only made on behalf of the state? That means the suggested idea is absurd and populist. What concerns us the most is that international community does see it and is not concerned about it. Such an approach is quite unjust. People get arrested illegally, put on trial, but international community gives no reaction to it,” he added.

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/ 20 June, 2018