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Azerbaijani President: "Azerbaijan will never allow the establishment of the second fictitious Armenian state on its historical territory"

"If Armenia demonstrates constructive position in settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh issue, in the short term it will be possible to reach an agreement"

Baku- APA. "Unfortunately, there is no any progress in the fundamental issue of our foreign policy - the Armenian- Azerbaijani Nagorno- Karabakh conflict. During the year, the Armenian side is re-chose delaying tactics negotiation process under various pretexts”, - Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said it at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers to discuss results of the Azerbaijan’s socio-economic development in 2013 and outline tasks for 2014.


“There was no any progress in the negotiations during the year, reigned stagnation. Just at the end, there was some recovery”, - the president said.


The Head of the State noted that if Armenia demonstrates a constructive attitude in resolving the issue, in the short term it will be possible to reach an agreement: "There is some hope, some optimistic moments, but in 2014 we will study it. Anyway, in 2014, the true intention of Armenia fully clarified. Frankly, the reporting period does not give grounds for optimism, as Armenia during the entire negotiation process demonstrated unconstructive position, the tactics of delaying and thus led the negotiations in a paralyzed state."


According to President Ilham Aliyev if Armenia will prevail realistic approaches, in a short time can be achieved promotion in connection with the conflict: “A realistic approach must be based on reality, the ratio of real power. The growing power of Azerbaijan also plays and will play a role here. If today is a comparison between Armenia and Azerbaijan, our advantage openly manifested in all areas. Our state budget is 10 times as much as the state budget of Armenia. Gross domestic product of more than 8 times the population - 6 times. Our full potential is growing and Armenia is experiencing extremely difficult, both economic and demographic situation. I can say that it is experiencing a demographic disaster, and this is confirmed by the authorities in Armenia. Therefore, if the Armenian leadership to seriously approach the issue, and give preference to the interests of the Armenian state, it is acutely aware that in order to then compete with Azerbaijan they do not have the capacity or potential."


"I do not believe that relying solely on foreign aid makes a lot of honor to any country. Every country in all cases must seek to protect their independence, their choice, think about the future of their state. In any case, the balance of forces very seriously changed in favor of Azerbaijan. I said, expressed his thoughts about it 5-6 years ago. We have been able to achieve this, and thereafter Azerbaijani state will undoubtedly further strengthen their advantage", - said the Head of State.


President Ilham Aliyev expressed hope for positive change in the negotiation process: "International mediators are trying to achive progress. But I must mention that their activity has not given any results. It is also a reality. We hear positive statements intermediaries, the heads of their states. Including should be noted that in the joint statements of Heads of State of the OSCE Minsk Group said about the unacceptability of the status quo. This is a very positive thing. At the same time they constantly repeat that there is no alternative to negotiations. You know, in today's world in any field there are enough alternatives. We simply want this issue to be resolved peacefully."


Noting that Azerbaijan demonstrates constructive position, the President expressed the hope that the mediators will play an even more active role in the negotiation process, "Just Armenia must fulfill four UN Security Council resolutions, to withdraw from the occupied territories and the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan must be restored. Principles of the agreement are to it."


The head of state said that Azerbaijan will never allow that on his historic land creation of a second Armenian state: “The question should be and will be resolved within the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. I do not doubt it, and to achieve this we are going to continue to negotiate, but we will increase and its power."


Noting the growing military power of the country, President Ilham Aliyev said that in 2013 were important steps associated with the construction of the army: "We started very serious reforms. These reforms are producing results. Increasing our combat capability, in 2014 it has largely increased. I should note that our military potential held in army reform, new principles, new approaches related to combat tactics, promote the emergence of a completely new situation. If we consider that in recent years, Azerbaijan has purchased a large amount of weapons and ammunition, equipment - the most modern technique - that our combat capability largely increases, increases, which would have only a positive impact on the negotiation process."


"Sometimes the structure is not related to this issue or policy; bring grist to the mill of Armenia, trying to criticize us, they say, why Azerbaijan increases its military budget. And they say they are representatives of the countries military budget reached the heavens. It is our natural right; we raise and will improve its military capabilities. Our military power play a crucial role in a just settlement of the Nagorno -Karabakh conflict in accordance with international standards. Today we create a powerful army. Our army is one of the strongest in the world. Of course, the construction of the army will continue”, - said the president.


Referring to solve compatriots affected by the Armenian occupation, Ilham Aliyev said that last year 20,000 persons were resettled in new houses, apartments: "This year is also planned relocation to new homes, at least 20,000 persons. In fact, during the year we create a city and will continue this policy, as long as there is still quite a lot of a displaced person living in harsh conditions in schools, kindergartens, on the territory of military units in the dorms. This process is also already begun and will continue."

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