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President Ilham Aliyev: “Inter” club cheered the Azerbaijani people with the great victory over the Armenian team

Baku – APA. President Ilham Aliyev received the players and coaches of “Inter” club of Baku on the victory at the Commonwealth Cup-2011, President’s press service told APA.

The head of state congratulated the players, coaches and specialists on the victory at the Commonwealth Cup.
“I congratulate all the players and members of “Inter” team with an assertive victory at the Commonwealth Cup of the CIS. All the Azerbaijani people rejoiced over this victory. This is already a great tradition. It is the third time that our teams have won the first place at the Commonwealth Cup. “Neftchi” in 2006, “Khazar-Lankaran” in 2008, and “Inter” now have become the champions of this prestigious tournament. This is a great victory, a very huge event. I would like to congratulate you – the players, the coaching staff and all the sports experts on this victory again.
The games were very intense. Our team won six games. According to the information given to me, the team scored 16 goals, but did not let their opponents to score a single goal. This is a great figure, as it is.,” he said.

The head of state appreciated Inter’s victory over Mika football club of Armenia.
“Each game was very important, but it is not a secret that the one with Armenian team was the most interesting one for the Azerbaijani fans. You cheered the Azerbaijani people with this great victory. You won with a great advantage and destroyed the opponent. In other words, this victory proves that Azerbaijan is already making big and firm steps in football. Football is developing in Azerbaijan, and at the same time both our national team and clubs have attained victories in well-known games. I can tell this, and you know this very well, that our clubs have achieved greater results. The Azerbaijan Championship is also very exciting and the interest to games has been on the rise recently. Our teams are strengthening. I hope that our teams will achieve greater results in the near future. The Azerbaijani fans, actually, are kind of getting used to the victories of our sportsmen. We have achieved great results in various types of sports. We have Olympic, World and European champions. Of course, the victories gained in football carry a special importance. I congratulate all of you once again with this great victory. I wish new achievements to the team. I am confident that you will make your Azerbaijani fans happy in the coming years.”
Then President Ilham Aliyev said a lot of work must be done to bring the level of Azerbaijani football in line with international standards and emphasized the strengthening of federation’s activity, increasing of attention to the club and child football and formation of the football infrastructure. He said alternative sports were also being developed in Azerbaijan and football was always being favorite event in the country. Reminding about the bronze medal of Azerbaijani team in USSR championship, the Head of State said football clubs of the republic attended many tournaments and every victory was celebrated in the country.

President Ilham Aliyev emphasized that the government support and federation’s purposeful work will accelerate the development of Azerbaijani football. He said many specialists underlined the rise of Azerbaijani championship and multi-ethnic compositions of Azerbaijan’s clubs serve development of football in the country. The Head of State said representatives of all people were always living in peace in Azerbaijan and contributing to the development of the country.

Predicting the further victories of Inter Baku, President Ilham Aliyev once more said that the government of Azerbaijan would attach much attention to the development of football further. The Head of State said there were great plans for the development of infrastructure in this field and construction of stadiums and reminded about the start of construction of new stadium in Azerbaijan this year.

Inter’s coach Kakhaber Tskhadadze congratulated President Aliyev on victory of our team in Commonwealth Cup and thanked him for his attention to the development of football. He said Inter Baku was encouraged by its victory in this respected competition. Tskhadadze emphasized the role of Azerbaijan Football Federations Association and Professional Football League in the development of Azerbaijani football and said they would make all efforts to win more respected tournaments.

Football player Rovshan Amiraslanov thanked President Ilham Aliyev on behalf of other players, Inter FC and football community of Azerbaijan for his comprehensive support to the development of football in the country.

Inter FC’ president Georgy Nikolov presented Commonwealth Cup and medal, a ball with signatures of Inter players on it, as well as club’s uniform to the Head of State.

President Aliyev thanked for the presents, urged the players to save level of fitness and expressed confidence in their future victories. He congratulated the football players once again.

Azerbaijan Football Federations Association’s president Rovnag Abdullayev thanked President Ilham Aliyev on behalf of the sportsmen and football community.

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