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Foreign diplomats speak highly of Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games

Everyone made efforts to become victorious in the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games and show what Azerbaijan is capable of, Moroccan Ambassador to Azerbaijan Adil Embars told APA.


The diplomat congratulated Azerbaijan for the perfect organization of the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games.


Morocco participated in the Games with an important delegation of more than 200 people, with the support, the open heart and the patience of the organizers all the usual difficulties were overcame, he noted.


He pointed out that the Games were a real opportunity for participants from over 50 countries and hundreds of millions of spectators to witness the state of the art facilities and infrastructure of Azerbaijan, the country’s great organization skills accumulated after many world-class events such as the European games, the Formula One, the Eurovision.


“The country has tourism infrastructure, hotels, restaurants with different cuisines, shopping places, as well as easy and convenient transportation. The security and safety that people felt and enjoyed everywhere at every time should not be underestimated. There were no reports of harassment against anyone. Not many cities around the world can offer such level of security,” he added.  


Speaking to APA, Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Erkan Ozoral noted that Azerbaijan successfully organized the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games.


The ambassador thanked the Games organizers and congratulated Azerbaijan, a friendly and fraternal country to Turkey.  


He hailed the contribution of the Islamic Solidarity Games to unity and solidarity among Muslim states.


Ozoral recalled that Turkey participated in the Games with 338 athletes who won 71 gold, 67 silver and 57 bronze medals.  


“Competitions, opening and closing ceremonies of the Games were widely covered by the Turkish media. We are very pleased that we received the flag of the Games of Islamic solidarity from fraternal Azerbaijan at the closing ceremony,” said the ambassador, adding. “Turkey will successfully organize the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games in 2021. We invite everyone, including our Azerbaijani brothers to our beautiful country.”  


Spokesman for the Iranian Embassy in Azerbaijan Mohammad Reza Najafi said that the Baku 2017 Games demonstrated the unity of the Muslim countries, as well as the sports achievements of the youth.


Baku has sent to the whole world the message of unity, brotherhood, peace and friendship between the Muslim countries, he noted.

He said that some 21 reporters from Iran’s television channels and 30 from various news agencies and portals arrived in Azerbaijan to cover the Games.


Iran participated in the Games with 161 professional athletes, the diplomat recalled.


“During the Games Azerbaijan was in the spotlight of Muslim countries and the entire world. Iranian athletes and media representatives speak highly of the Baku 2017 Games. All this once again proves that Azerbaijan is able to hold such significant events at a high level,” he added.


Kyrgyzstan’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan Aydjigit Burannov noted with satisfaction the fact that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev declared 2017 the “Year of Islamic Solidarity”.


“The Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games were held under this slogan. Kyrgyzstan was represented at the Games by a delegation of 96 people. Our athletes took the 10th place in medal rankings,” said the ambassador, expressing gratitude to the Azerbaijani leadership for the perfect organization of the Games.  


He also expressed hope that the Baku 2017 Games will give impetus to further development of Azerbaijani-Kyrgyz ties.  


Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Azerbaijan Musaed bin Ibrahim Al-Salim also congratulated Azerbaijan for the successful organization of the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games.


The Olympic Committee of Saudi Arabia and other international organizations praised the organizational work carried out during the Games and conditions created for athletes, the ambassador noted.


“I believe that these Games have reached all the goals set. The Games made a huge contribution to the strengthening of solidarity between people and countries of the Islamic World,” said the diplomat, expressing gratitude to the president, government and people of Azerbaijan for organizing the Games at a high level.


Sudan’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mohammad Elias Mohammad al-Haq spoke highly of the Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games.


“We were pleased to take part in these Games which was a great opportunity in terms of sharing experience in the field of culture and sports in the Islamic world,” he added.  



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