Movlud Mireliyev: I felt Mongolian wrestler who beat me in semifinal used doping

Baku. Elshen Mammadov - APA-Sport. Beijing Olympic bronze medallist, judo wrestler Movlud Mireliyev interviewed by APA-Sport

- Do you consider bronze medal as a late success in your career?
- Of course. I have spent 25 years in sports. As a sambo wrestler I achieved all success, as well as medals in world and European championships. I decided to test myself in judo in 2002. Every sportsman wishes to score Olympic medal. I was close to succeed in Athens Olympics in 2004 but I took the fifth place after the defeat by German wrestler. So, we prepared hard for the Beijing Olympics and scored gold and bronze medals which prove we had a good preparation.
- Mongolian judo wrestler Tuvshinbayar Naidan who beat you in semifinal is likely to fail the doping test. Do you feel anything during the bout?
- Yes, I did. Naidan beat all the qualified wrestlers including Olympic and world champions. I didn’t feel tired despite hard encounters. Our bout lasted 7 minutes. We couldn’t score points in the main time. Then we struggled for golden point. I felt that he had used doping. Later on, I heard that he failed both doping tests. If the IOC approves the result of the test, I will get a silver medal.
- You would have probably encountered Kazakh wrestler Askhat Jitkeyev in final if Naidan hadn’t used doping. It means you could have even scored gold medal…
- I faced Jitkeyev several times and always won over him. I beat him in Athens Olympics as well. I would have defeated him if I had qualified for final. We can do nothing now. The rule says if a sportsman is deprived of medal for doping test the medal passes to the next one. We should abide by rules.
- You are 34 now. Do you intend to join 2012 London Olympics?
- I have such an intention. A sportsman gets tired after a challenging competition and thinks to quit the career. After a while he regains strength and decides to join the struggle. So, I am going to do my best to qualify for London Summer Olympics.

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