Most interesting events in Summer Olympic Games history

Baku. Elshen Mammedov - APA-Sport. The 29th Summer Olympic Games will start August 8 in Beijing, China. APA-Sport has picked the most interesting events in previous 28 competitions since 1896.

1896 - Athens (Greece): US sportsman James Connolly became first Olympic champ. The competition included no female sportsman.

1900 - Paris (France): Women joined Olympic Games.

1904 - Saint-Luis (USA): Only 12 countries joined the Olympics as the USA is situated far from other countries.

1908 – London (England): Italy was expected to host the Olympics. Later it took part in London after the economical crisis in Italy.

1912 – Stockholm (Sweden): International Federations made a decision to register the highest results as world records.

1916 – Berlin (Germany): Olympic Games were cancelled for World War I

1920 – Antwerp (Belgium): US sportsman Morris went to the dress-room after the Olympic ceremony. As the door was closed, the gold medalist tried to get in through the window. The police considered him a robber and arrested him.

1924 – Paris (France): it was found out in football competition that Argentine, Czechoslovakia and Uruguay picked professional players. In result, Olympics founder Baron Pier de Kuberten resigned from the post of International Olympic Committee president.

1928 – Amsterdam (Netherlands): Women joined athletics competition for the first time. The torch was lit.

1932 – Los-Angeles (USA): 10 gold medalist Paavo Nurmin (Finland) was banned to join the competition.

1936 – Berlin (Germany): German leader Adolf Hitler used the competition to spread his system and ideology. US black-skinned athlete Jesse Owens scored 4 gold medals and proved that Hitler’s “prior race” didn’t reflect the truth. 3.000 people carried the torch through 7 countries and brought it to the stadium.

1940 – Helsinki (Finland): The competition was cancelled for World War II
1948 – London (England): Olympic champ Grad Andersen (Netherlands) lost consciousness at the end of 400 m swimming competition. The 30-aged Dutch athlete Fanni Blankers scored 4 gold medals.

1952 – Helsinki (Finland) – Former USSR joined the Olympics. Russian team included three Azerbaijani sportsmen – Reshid Mammedbeyov, Ibrahimpasha Dadashov (freestyle swimming both) and Khandadash Medetov (athletics). Mammedbeyov scored silver medal.

1956 – Melbourne – Stockholm (Australia - Swden): There was a brawl between former USSR and Hungary in water polo competition because of USSR attack to the country. Australia refused to host equestrian contest.

1960 – Rome (Italy): Ethiopian athlete Abebe Bikila was the fastest in marathon race with bare feet. He was the first African to score gold medal.

1964 – Tokyo (Japan): Turkish flag was robbed in Olympic camp. They hang another flag with more size.

1968 – Mexico (Mexico): US athletes Tommy Smith and Jon Carlos raised hands as a protest to the national anthem while being awarded.

1972 – Munich (Germany): A terror bang attacked Israeli delegation as a protest against 200 arrested Palestinians. The attack killed 11 Israeli sportsmen and a German. The accident delayed the competitions for 34 hours.

1976 – Montréal (Canada): 20 African countries demanded to remove New Zealand from rugby contest. International Olympic Committee declined it which later resulted in leave of all African countries.

1980 – Moscow (USSR): 66 countries, including the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan put boycott on the Olympic Games in the USSR which invaded Afghanistan.

1984 – Los-Angeles (USA): USSR refused to join the Olympics stating that the host didn’t ensure the security. Romania was the only country to join the competition among states which joined Warsaw agreement.

1988 – Seoul (South Korea): 33 new records were registered in Olympics. Famous athlete Ben Johnson failed an anti-doping test.

1992 – Barcelona (Spain): Former USSR joined the competition for the last time under this name.

1996 – Atlanta (USA): Azerbaijan attended the Olympics as an independent state. Freestyle wrestler Namig Abdullayev scored silver medal. A blast in the Olympic camp killed an American and a Turkish reporter.

2000 – Sidney (Australia): Azerbaijan scored its first gold medal. Namig Abdullayev and skeet shooter Zemfira Meftaheddinova became Olympic champions. Azeri boxer Vugar Alekberov earned bronze medal. Azerbaijan took 34th place among 199 countries.

2004 – Athens (Greece): 21 sportsmen failed anti-doping test. Azerbaijan won a gold medal and 4 bronze medals.

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