Azerbaijani President: "Azerbaijani President: "Winning the World Cup is a great event""

Azerbaijani wrestling is at the highest level on a global scale

Baku-APA. In general, the attention given to the sports field in Azerbaijan is bearing fruit. Azerbaijan is a sporting country, said President Ilham Aliyev when received The members of the national Greco-Roman wrestling team who won the World Cup in Iran, APA reports.


“This is a great historic victory. This is really a historic victory, as our Greco-Roman wrestling team for the first time won the Cup. This shows once again how strong Azerbaijani wrestling school. Our wrestlers show the highest results in various international competitions, two gold medals at the Olympic Games in London have also been won by our wrestlers, and in general, the Azerbaijani wrestling is now at the highest level on a global scale.


The strongest teams of the world participate in the World Cup. We defeated the strongest teams in the world. Our national flag was raised; our National Anthem was sounded in your honor. It is indeed, an event pleasing every citizen of Azerbaijan, a great historical victory.


Wrestling Federation is a leader in Azerbaijan for medals and high results achieved at the Olympic Games, World Championships and other international competitions. I appreciate it, because wrestling is the most favorite, the most popular sport in Azerbaijan, our national sport.


I am pleased with the Federation. In general, the attention given to the sports field in Azerbaijan is bearing fruit. Azerbaijan is a sporting country. All influential international sports organizations, the International Olympic Committee, the European Olympic Committees, sports federations of the world have noted that Azerbaijan has achieved great success in the field of sport, and indeed it is. Because the note at the Olympic Games, on a global scale, Azerbaijan occupies 30th place and 10th place among 200 countries in the Youth Olympic Games. European and World Championships are held at the highest level in Azerbaijan. Every year, our athletes are leading for the number of medals and this number grows every year both in Olympic and non-Olympic sports.


Azerbaijan creates sports infrastructure. Without this infrastructure, it is likely there would be no success. Modern Olympic centers in all the regions and grandiose Olympic sports facilities in Baku are constructed and sports occupy a very important place in public policy. Various programs are adopted and sports development is a state policy. Opinions, sounded at Baku General Assembly of the European Olympic Committee, recently held in Azerbaijan, confirm my words.


These results are natural, because this work has been made possible through cooperation with the federations, clubs, National Olympic Committee, Ministry of Youth and Sports. Our situation is that, unlike many countries, all the sports bodies, the agencies responsible for sports development have the same goal, and management has a very correct approach.


I am confident that our athletes will continue to delight us. It is significant that all of our athletes, including athletes present here today, grew up in the period of independence. This is - a sign of our independence,” said President Ilham Aliyev

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/ 18 June, 2018