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“The Door” translated by Ramil Safarov from Hungarian presented in Baku- PHOTO

Baku. Kamala Guliyeva – APA. Azerbaijani Army’s officer Ramil Safarov accused in killing the Armenian serviceman and sentenced to life imprisonment in Hungary translated “The Door”, a novel by Hungarian writer Magda Szabo, from Hungarian into Azerbaijani.
The translated version of the book was presented on Wednesday in Baku, APA reports. Counselor of the Hungarian embassy in Azerbaijan for economic affairs Zoltan Kotska also attended the presentation ceremony. The book was published by AssA-Irada news agency. Director General of the agency Fazil Abbasov called the Ramil Safarov’s work as a great contribution to the Azerbaijani literature. “For the first time the Hungarian literature is translated into Azerbaijani from the original. In Hungary, Ramil learned both English and Hungarian and translated one of the popular books of this country. It shows that such intellectual man can not be a killer”.

Ramil’s father Sahib Safarov said by translating this work, his son expressed his love to the Hungarian people despite that the government of Hungary made wrong decision about him. “Before coming to the presentation ceremony, I had phone conversation with Ramil. He is aware of this event. He asked me to thank everyone who contributed to the publication of this book in Azerbaijan. If Armenia didn’t occupy our lands, Ramil wouldn’t be a military serviceman. He would be a writer, lawyer or doctor. He was forced to choose the way of military serviceman”.

MP Zahid Oruj said the translation of the novel is not only a literary, but also a political event.
“Ramil Safarov himself struck a blow on the image of “a person with an axe” formed about him in the Hungarian community. Ramil Safarov is not only serving his imprisonment, but also sharing the tragedy of Azerbaijan’s struggle against Karabakh. His action should not have been assessed this way. This is the assessment given not only to Ramil, but also to Azerbaijan’s war of Karabakh,” he said.

Magda Szabo is one of the famous woman writers. The first book of the writer “Lamb” was punished in 1947, the second “Back to the human” in 1949. In 1949 she was awarded the Baumgarten Prize, which was - for political reasons - withdrawn from her on the very day it was given. She is also the author of the books “Fresco” and “Abigail”. Magda Szabo received a number of prizes both in Hungary and other countries and her works have been published in 43 countries. In 2003 she was the winner of the French literary prize Prix Femina Étranger for her novel “The Door”.

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